About Equipments

In late eighties Cyratron started providing Mud Logging services to ONGC by undertaking operations in the NRBC region in Jammu for their very deep and highly complex structure exploratory wells

Subsequently for two and half decades now, we are providing Mud Logging Services on Charter Hire for Offshore and Onshore for all kinds of exploratory & development wells

  • HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) including West Bengal & Mahanadi Offshore -‘TRANSOCEANNORDIC’
  • Subsurface Intervention Wells (Boots & Coots & ONGC - TRANSOCEAN’s Semi-Sub M.G.Hulme Jr,)
  • Ultra Short Radius Drilling wells ( Well Flow Drilling Services)
  • Proof of ConceptWell for Cambay Tight Gas Project with 610m Horizontal Drilling (Oilex Ltd)
  • Relief Well while BlowOut occured at K.G.Basin

Have logged more than 500Wells

Business Opportunities

With significant investments in design and manufacturing, we offer a wide range of integration services, customization and Implementation applications even for your products. Our winning strength is our people, a world class working environment, development facilities and unique training programs.

Turn these advantages . . .

  • India – The fastest growing scientific manpower poll in the world.
  • Goa – A clean green unpolluted locale – an excellent environment for the Electronics and Software development industries
  • Cyratron – an established manufacturer of Process Control Systems, Instrumentation accessories for the Process Industry and Mud Logging / Hydrocarbon analysis, Rig Instrumentation for Oil Exploration, having provided a dedicated International service for a over a decade and half.

. . . Into an opportunity

Our 5000m2 facilities at Goa encompassing manufacturing (Mechanical, Electronics) Software development, R & D Centre and Corporate offices currently employing around 50 Instrumentation, Electronics, Mechanical, Petroleum Engineers, Geologists and Software Professionals . . . We offer our expertise and spare infrastructure to the European Union and United States of America

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