Business Opportunities

                       With significant investments in design ,manufacturing,and software we offer a wide range of integration services, 

                  customization and Implementation  applications even for your products.

                  Our winning strength is our people, a world class working environment, development facilities and unique training



    Turn these advantages . . . 

      India – The fastest growing scientific manpower pool in the world.

      Goa – A clean green unpolluted locale – an excellent environment for the Electronics and Software development


      Cyratron – an established manufacturer of Process Control Systems, Instrumentation accessories for the Process

      Industry and Mud Logging / Hydrocarbon analysis, Rig Instrumentation for Oil Exploration, having provided a

      dedicated International service for over three decades.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  . . . Into an opportunity

Our 5000 m2  facilities at Goa encompassing manufacturing (Mechanical, Electronics) Software development, 

R & D Center and Corporate offices currently employing  around 70 Instrumentation, Electronics, Mechanical,

Petroleum Engineers, Geologists and Software Professionals . . .

We offer our expertise and spare infrastructure to the European Union and

United States of America


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