CTOS Mud Logging Units incorporate many proven German design specifications meant to

provide rugged, reliable and accurate instrumentation,further enhanced by our own in house

R&D resulting in many unique features.

  • Cyratron's Mud Logging Units are Manufactured in accordance with IEC Standards and suitable for use in Zone I Hazardous Area. 

  • All Sensors are of International Standard with Approved Certification. 

  • Rugged Data Accquisition Panels exclusively designed for universal Data Scanning            ensure Reliable and accurate data with built in redundancy and can be configured to       provide many additional features of customer choice.

  • Highly reliable Total Hydrocarbon Analyser and Gas Chromatograph which has been              used in many High Pressure Wells providing accurate valuable data to Company Man       and Well Site Geologists in Gas bearing Formation. Its proven design has been in      operation for over thirty years with Continuous Operation .

  • Constant Volume Degasser for Consistent degassing ensures gas reading not depending          on flow and level of Mud .

  • Sample Analysis at Lagged Depth including Microscopic Fluorescence Studies and         through Calcimetery.

  • Mud Logging Software package including Online Data Accquisitions and Offline      Calculations have been designed and developed In-House to provide Customer with    flexibility of Outputs.

  • Real Time Data Transmission of Data from Wellsite to Clients Head Office and Branch      Office for better control of the Well. 

             Our Mudlogging Unit is Certified  to IEC Standards -Ex px IIB T3 Gb                         adhering to DNV Safety norms Compliance.