Brief on Technical Specification

CTOS Mud Logging Units incorporate many proven German design specifications meant to provide rugged, reliable and accurate instrumentation,further enhanced by our own in house R&D resulting in many unique features.

  • The proven design of the Degasser Unit, Drying Unit and Sampling Station - enhances theMLUaccuracy.

  • The ROP Panel design is based on the Rotary Encoder DrawWorks Sensor .

  • Porosity and Permeability are two Geological parameters available with the CTOS units. We have over the years excelled in the development of these methods.

  • The FID Gas Panel, Total Gas and Chromatograph are specially designed for field applications with higher accuracies and sensitivities.We also provide an option for recording all parameters on Analog multipen recorders with real factual outputs and not computer generated like the other units.

  • The Data Scanner is exclusively designed for universal data scanning and can be configured to provide many additional features of customer choice.

  • The Software for the Online Data Acquisition, D’exponent, Sigma Log, Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient Estimates, Master Log and other offline programs aredesigned in house, to provide customer varied flexibility of outputs.

  • Real Time transmission of Mud logging Data to the client’s Head Office and Branch Office instantaneously for better control of the well.